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Swap, Stake, Earn Daily like fishing

Hello everyone,
We started this project late 2020 as a part-time project to achieve something good for our planet as a way to give back to the community. We spent a lot of our own money, then some good people invested with us in a small private sale round. Everything went very smoothly, some investors started reaching out to us, but our focus was building partnerships with environmental organizations to make immediate and direct impact helping environmental initiatives.
Before the end of 2020, we successfully listed $FISH token on two exchanges at the same day, it was a big milestone forward for…

We are a fully decentralized exchange protocol built on Ethereum, uses an automated market maker (AMM) mode provides automated liquidity which means there is no order book or any centralized party required to make trades.

With seaswap, you can add your tokens into the liquidity pools and earn, not only this you will help us to save the planet. Seaswap is not another food protocol, it’s made for the love of the mother nature.

You deserve it to earn money, but also you deserve to live in a clean planet. As an improved and community-friendly exchange there are some tokens…

We are announcing the Private Sale round today, It’s another step toward building a solid project. The raised fund will be used as described in our previous posts, or website.

The round hard cap target is 543 ETH.
Token price: 1000 FISH = 0.217 ETH (~$100)
Discount Rate: 75 % (Limited to only 1% of total supply)
Private Sale Price: 1000 FISH = 0.0543 ETH (~$25)

We are giving plus 30% bonus to random lucky investors everyday until round closed.

Here’s the official private sale page:

Original post at

It is the first DeFi platform created to help the environment by sharing the profits of all of us.

Building a DeFi platform to generate sustainable funds, to help the environment. It’s a smart and simple way to provide humans and animals with a win-win solution for a better life for both. In this opportunity, we are going to talk to you about the Oceans, the coral reefs, their importance for life and the danger in which they are. It is time to become aware, and help save our planet.

The protection and care of our oceans and seas is…


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