Rebuilding SeaSwap 2.0

Hello everyone,
We started this project late 2020 as a part-time project to achieve something good for our planet as a way to give back to the community. We spent a lot of our own money, then some good people invested with us in a small private sale round. Everything went very smoothly, some investors started reaching out to us, but our focus was building partnerships with environmental organizations to make immediate and direct impact helping environmental initiatives.
Before the end of 2020, we successfully listed $FISH token on two exchanges at the same day, it was a big milestone forward for the SeaSwap journey. January 2021 we almost ended the test phase, with a complete DEX exchange & ready pools.
While building all of these business and technical tasks, achieving small milestones, we were in many negotiations with environmental organizations & foundations. At some point we started a discussion with a project that supports more than 30 organizations to secure donations using cryptocurrency platforms, it was like the most awaited partnership for us to kickstart this project, but suddenly they said “It’s hard to continue with you”, then they announced a partnership with big DEX exchange!! saying in the announcement “The XXX Dex becomes the first DeFi to support Donation”.
How do you feel about this now? Angry? I was more than that, spent nights without sleeping, just with one question: why did you do that?

This is not the end, it is just a new start.
Well, we are not the kind of people who give up easily. We have invested in this giving back initiative emotionally and financially! We have decided to not take a no for an answer, and we decided to rebuild the project from scratch with new features around the DeFi concept. New members joined the development team (one of them is a top 20 women in the Blockchain community), & some investors are already aligned for support.

When will we publish the new version?
Both our technical and business teams are working hard together on finalizing the project roadmap, setting some discussions with the lead investor. Once we finish these processes, we will make an announcement to our community.

Project name & Token, any change?
No, the name is the same, it is our legal entity name registered in Europe, the same applies to the $FISH token.



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